May 3rd, 2015

by James Kelly Quigley

Phase 1: Arrive

knock the webs off my talking face,
my outside voice,
my I’m listening head dance.
knock off the caked and coated rust
from my hips and elbows,
grease my gooey knees and
blaze my glass joints until they ply.

Phase 2: Interact

scrambling hands carve
a home
around wet bottles of
feet in mudstone lockstep
try to emphasize the strong beats
(1…3…1…3). close your eyes
and act like you know
how you feel.
wrap your lips over
a smoke and pray,
pray it burns until the sun.

Phase 3: Leave

attention passengers
we are being held momentarily
by the train’s dispatcher.

Phase 4: Home

coat shoes pants
find phone
hayley I love you
please let’s just I
love you so much
I don’t know goodnight

Phase 5: Morning

god is advil.

pour cream in the coffee,
spoon and spoon
until it’s indivisible
from the blackness.


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