Upstaged by Naeemah

Walking up the stairs on the side of the stage, she slowly makes her way to the center, and clearing her throat into the microphone, begins to sing. The applause overwhelms her as she finishes, and she takes a slight bow and walks off, thanking her newfound fans.

That was exhilarating. She graciously smiles and nods at those she passes by, saying “Thank You” and “You’re Too Much,” as she makes her way to her seat at the front of the room.

One of the judges sitting in front of her turns and says, “Great job. Best of the night.” With a barely perceptible wink, he turns back around.

With a smile of triumph, she sits down in her seat and spreads her long skirt around her legs, comforted in her knowledge.

Approaching the stage with a nervous gait, the last singer of the night stands at the center. The static echoes as she grabs the microphone in her hand and begins to sing. The room stills. When she’s finished, a pause hovers over the room to be abruptly burst by the eruption of applause and the thump of feet hitting the floor.

Still sitting, the other singer looks around the room with her mouth slightly agape. The judge slowly turns around and simply shakes his head.


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