Dreaming by Naeemah

Standing up, you lift the heavy weights from your day into your hands and walk towards the steps of the bus. Slowly maneuvering your way to the top of the stairs, you pull out your coins and hand them to the driver, paying your fine. Your fine for working further than you can walk from your house. Seeing the first seat you can find, you gently, with a sigh, fall, resting the tension that has filled you since you woke up. Falling to the floor in front of you, your belongings cascade around your feet, but you are already resting your head against the window.

Before you know it, you are jolted awake. You didn’t even realize you had fallen asleep. You dreamed of nothing. You are too tired to dream of anything.

Looking up, you see the man, his face red, spittle flying from his mouth as he says something to you that you cannot understand. Blinking quickly, you focus on his words.

“Get up.”

You blink at him, shaking your head.

“I said get up.” He leans down towards you, close enough for you to see the hairs between his eyebrows.

Behind him, you see another person waiting. Waiting for the seat that you finally have, that you’ve finally had the opportunity to sit on. That you’ve waited long enough for.



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