Grunge Revival Thanks to The Lost Poets by Stephanie Reicherter

The steady Swedish rock duo The Lost Poets have given all of their fierce restless energy into their new hit single Mouth. Which was released on December 19th 2014 and shortly after it was accompanied by a music video, that was released on January 3rd 2015. The Lost poets are comprised of David Rosengren with his soulful intensity on lead vocals, and Peter Ossian Stromberg who is tearing up the drums when he is not slapping the bass. This single came after their EP Insubordia , which launched itself in 2014. Every track is lined with rich aggression and angst. Something so lovely about these guys is that they can bring the styles of what every great grunge/alternative rock band from the ‘90s era had. They have played at well known venues such as Debaser, Berns and O-Baren

Just listening to the first 30 seconds of “Mouth” I hear similarities to The Stone Temple Pilots,Soundgarden and Bush. That is a unique skill to possess here in 2015. Bringing back elements of the same sound from the old school rock that we all thought was dead and buried is now brought to life because of this sludge rock band from Stockholm, Sweden. The song which is dark and at a slow tempo creates a chaos like no other. David’s wavy deep toned voice bordering on sexy has you hypnotized in the chorus line “ Who’s inside of me”. This song kind of gives me the goosebumps but in an highly gratifying way. Peters drumming astounds me when it catches you off guard right before the end of the track. The music video consists of two tall, dark and mysterious male figures (literally!). They wander around dark corners in the confines of which seems like an old industrial basement wearing gas masks . It’s deafening and quite spooky and I mean that in the best way possible.

It’s so nice to hear grunge revisited, and done the right way. My earbuds are so pleased to have listened to these guys play In such a passionate manner. I got to say I am dying to see what more this band can do. If I were you I’d snag a copy of the single Mouth,and check out their EP Insubordia if you want a taste of what is true to the core rock music.

Watch The Lost Poets new single Mouth music video.


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