this nonestablishmentarian kant riff! by Matthew Harris

mine suburban outpost west of where liberty bell marks
history upon cobblestone streets where sounds of silence
from walking sticks barks
created from once hand carved festooned relics tracing arabesque arcs.

thru prevarication myths propagated whereby story did suitably bend
the re-enactment whence colonial rule from britain did end
thou much about the series of unfortunate events
leaving tattered fragments of proud nations that n’er did mend
many an indigenous native did offend
with one after another broken promise and lands stole under their feet –
a little mentioned holocaust did rend
initial establishment of these united states
where to date citizen bankers cater to thee ole might dollar to spend
fueling capitalistic credo per emptying wallet as duty to tend.

Europeans from bygone did deliberately foment war
fast forward from those supposed discoverers of yore
who essentially blackmailed innocent rightful occupants
which tapestry of their culture aggressive invaders tore
deliberately feigning kindness when within creature comforts
(such as blankets) deadly diseases harbored spore
ravages sans invasions left survivors destitute and poor
of fatal impact decimated nearly every tribe and their concomitant folklore
obliterating accidentally called Indians with deliberate intent
to vanquish nation of red (non bullish) men as if thru a trap door
of cunning deceit loathing the peaceful philosophy they did adore.

sympathy doth arise
and heart-ache in sync with all those plaintive cries
with tears of misery streaming down creased blackened eyes
this from ploy to cement bond (when convenient) with malicious guise
to force rightful heirs of this land to cross their t’s and dot i’s
without choice dealt hellacious torment trumped up from countless lies
so tis with heavy cookies this cyber poet tries
to come across as witty and wise.

ever since landing of that first christened boat
this sober fellow wishes to add a rhyming foot note
re: to pay homage to those deemed honorable, and frequently we quote
an invitation nay strong command
go play act and cast (come November) your presidential vote
to sustain hollow maxim guaranteeing life, liberty and happiness
decreed from all those sacred documents founding fathers wrote.


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